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A word from the Clinic Director, Gemma Fisher M.Ost

We are committed to achieving results and enabling you to succeed in your health and fitness goals in the most efficient way possible.

The practitioners within the clinic therefore work collaboratively to provide a comprehensive approach to your healthcare. This may mean that your treatment plan consists of a combination of different therapies suited to your needs. Better still, this can be included in a combined payment package, so that you don’t have to pick and chose which component of your health you wish to improve due to the barrier of the cost of seeing multiple professionals.

We believe that true health exists in the correct balance of Physical, Psychological and Nutritional needs and you shouldn’t be forced to neglect key aspects of your health by having to prioritise one over the other.

This multi-disciplinary method works and it makes sense to us as you cannot compartmentalise the human body;
‘The human body is one unit, an integrated organism in which no part functions independently’ A. T. Still M.D.

Gemma Fisher

Osteopath, Nutritional Therapist, Gym Instructor, F1 Consultant

Gemma Fisher


Leading the team at Formula Health, Gemma uses her international experience in elite human performance to deliver 1st class treatment interventions

Osteopath, Nutritional Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tom Sparks


Tom has worked in the healthcare and fitness space for over 10 years. He specialises in MSK health, strength and conditioning, high end rehabilitation and nutritional medicine

Extended scope Physio, Joint injections prescriber



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Registered Nurse


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Podiatrist / Chiropodist

Joli Beattie

BSc (hons) Podiatry, MSc Diabetes Best Practice

Joli has been working as a Podiatrist both privately and within the NHS, shes is HCPC registered and a member of the Royal College of Podiatry. Her aim is to keep people on their feet, whether that is walking their dog or running a marathon


Liz Lee

DipHE LicAc

Liz has worked as the Lead Complementary Therapist in a Cancer charity and has over 20 years experience as a Nurse and Acupuncturist treating both adults and children

Lily Parkinson - Nutritional Therapist

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Life coach

Lily Parkinson


Lily is a registered Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Eating Psychology & Mind-body coach. Lily works on the functional nutrition and medicine frameworks and integrates our DNA and functional lab testing.


Functional Medicine Practitioner Female Health & Hormone Specialist

Gail Brady


Gail is a Registered Nutritionist with over 10 years of experience. Gail specialises in female health and hormones

Becca Scott Reflexologist Homeopath

Women’s Health Specialist, Reflexologist, Homeopath

Becca Scott


Becca has been a Homeopath for over 14 years and a Reflexologist for 22 years. Becca has a special interest in Women’s Health especially related to hormone, autoimmune and vulva-vaginal issues. She loves what she does and is passionate about supporting people back to health using a unique tailored approach.

Massage Therapist

Wendy Rooke

Wendy is a holistic therapist and reflexologist. As chronic stress is at the heart of so many health problems, Wendy’s main interest is in providing relaxing treatments that calm the system down, enabling the body to go into rest and repair mode.

Sports Massage Therapist

Hester Watson

Hester is as an avid sportsperson (running and Olympic weightlifting) so as an athlete has developed a keen interest in injury treatment and recovery techniques and draws from this experience to help each and every client and their specific needs 


Lara Herbolzheimer

Lara has spent over 10 years using kinesiology to work with clients requiring support with structural, digestive, autoimmune, chronic fatigue and mental health related conditions, particularly parents and young people

Bobby Prasad

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Endoscopist

Prof Bobby Prasad


Prof Bobby Prasad FRCP is an award-winning, Ivy League and London trained Consultant Gastroenterologist specialising in endoscopy, colonoscopy, gastroenterology, and general hepatology – including, IBS, abdominal pain, cancer screening, pancreas and biliary disease, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux, bleeding, diarrhoea and abnormal liver function.

Dr Trudi Edginton

Clinical Psychologist, EMDR & CBT Therapist, Mindfulness Practitioner

Dr Trudi Edginton

Trudi has a background in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology and she works with individuals with neurological conditions including brain injury, dementia, chronic fatigue, hydrocephalus and spina bifida and she also has experience of treating PTSD and working with carers. Trudi works within a Compassion Focused approach to therapy using CBT, neuropsychology and mindfulness.

Mental Performance Coach

Jenni Schierman

Jenni has been in the industry since 2008, she has a Masters degree in Executive Coaching & Consulting and is based in Florida. She primarily works with Gemma with motorsport teams but her skill set can also be applied to support individuals no matter what their background.

Suruchi Arora

Obstetrician, Meditation & Mindfullness Coach

Dr Suruchi Arora

Dr of Obstetrics, Author

Suruchi has been a medical doctor for 25 years, working in fetal medicine for 11 years in the NHS and a Reiki Master and Mindfulness Coach for 2 years

Performance Coach

Graeme Anderson

More info coming soon

Katie Ferries

Pilates Instructor

Katie Ferries

Katie brings 10 years of Pilates mat practice to FH. She knows first-hand the benefits of Pilates and is passionate about the exercise method. On getting to know her clients, she likes to tailor sessions to what they need with an emphasis on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. She is living a happier, healthier and more balanced life as a result of practising Pilates.

Personal Trainer

Arek Szymichowski

Arek is an experienced fitness instructor and personal trainer, who believes in using an informed approach with the latest in health and fitness data, in order to enable you to achieve long-lasting and quantifiable results

Yoga Mike

Corporate Executive, Yoga Instructor

Mike Pearson

BA (Hons), MBA, Yoga Alliance Professional Teacher

Mike draws on his experiences as a management consultant, endurance athlete and yoga teacher to lead on FH’s Corporate Human Performance Packages.  He also works with clients to improve flexibility, strength and focus through yoga.  Mike is passionate about all sports, being active and finding balance in life.

Formula Health Logo

Admin Assistant

Sue Thompson

Sue is our friendly receptionist who enjoys welcoming you to the clinic and helping you navigate the health services and products we offer. Sue will arrange your appointments, manage client accounts and answer any questions you may have.

Formula Health Logo

Admin Assistant

Sophie Bishop

Sophie is another key member of the operational team at Formula Health. She is one of the main contact points for appointment and product enquiries, managing client accounts and ensuring all our patients have a great experience when visiting the clinic.


Hi, my name is Orla and I am the Formula Health therapy dog! I’m a friendly German Short-Haired Pointer and I’m always ready to greet you with cuddles and a wagging tail. If you’re not a fan of doggies or prefer I hide away when you come to the clinic, just let the humans in reception know and I’ll be tucked away during your visit.


Award-winning multidisciplinary medical practice founded by the first Human Performance Consultant Osteopath in Formula 1.

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