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Gait analysis is used to identify movement-related abnormalities, pain, or inefficiencies when you walk or run. Gait problems can occur with or without an injury and may affect a person’s movement or balance, worsen an existing injury, or lead to a future injury. Once we identify the underlying causes of movement-related dysfunction, we design a gait training physical therapy plan to get you back to moving safely and comfortably. This is an exercise program tailored to your specific needs in order to improve your strength, balance, and movement, especially in your lower extremities.

What to expect

When our practitioners are conducting your gait analysis, firstly they will need to gather information from your static stance to understand your plantar pressure points when standing still. Helping us to understand where the main weight distribution is placed on your feet while stationary.

The next protocol of gait analysis is to see the roll-off points of your feet when walking. This part of gait analysis is best measured with the patient being barefoot. You will be asked to walk as normal as possible over our pressure mat. You may have to do this a few times to get an accurate reading.

The practitioner may also ask for you to run on the pressure mat as we can learn further information on your feet from an active point of view. Which can help if you’re active from running to other sports such as cycling and skiing.

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What would you benefit from having your gait analysed ?

• Improvement of posture
• Help in recovery of existing injuries and help prevent future injuries
• Helps pinpoint abnormalitles of gait which can be a cause of discomfort in lower limbs when stationary to running.
• Improve sport preformance
• Can help improve rang of motion with corrected postural stance factors

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This service is provided by

Gemma Fisher
Osteopath, Nutritional Therapist, Gym Instructor, F1 Consultant

Gemma Fisher

Osteopath, Nutritional Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

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