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Nutritional Therapy is a balancing, whole-body health care system that works well to combat stress, energy and hormonal imbalances, fertility and autoimmune conditions. The treatment seeks to adjust the chemical balance in your body by providing your body with the right mix and balance of nutrients to perform at its best. Working with a Nutritional Therapist, you will receive detailed and personal advice that is unique to your needs and circumstances.


What to expect

Our Nutritional Therapists use evidence-based research to make their recommendations. Clients are required to complete a health questionnaire prior to the consultation, which can be filled out and returned by email. Noting medication or any supplement pills you are currently taking is important. The initial consultation lasts one and a half hours during which a full medical history is taken in confidence.
Following this information gathering process the therapist will explain to you how your unique health history may have influenced your current state of health and how we can move forward with diet, supplement and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals.
Sometimes functional testing through a private laboratory maybe suggested to provide further information about your health status. This allows for a more targeted approach. Certain tests could be carried out through your GP, in this situation your therapist can write to your GP to request such tests.
Following the consultation your therapist will complete a detailed analysis to assess your priorities and compile an individually tailored programme including: receive a letter/email detailing what you discussed in the consultation including personalized handouts, personalized food programme, including recipes, snack plans, designed to establish balance and address any presenting symptoms. They will take into account your daily lifestyle and pressures plus budget when constructing any programme, to make it easy and enjoyable for you to incorporate changes. The approach is always personal and individual specific.

Nutritional Therapy can treat a variety of issues, including the below:

• Skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea)
• Digestive disorders (IBS and constipation)
• Mental health issues (stress, low mood, depression and anxiety)
• Heart health, cholesterol concerns and high blood pressure
• Allergies and intolerances
• Eating disorders
• Functional sports nutrition and event preparation
• Bodily health issues (Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, and Osteoporosis)
• Weight management, weight loss and obesity

Nutritional Therapy

This service is provided by

Lily Parkinson - Nutritional Therapist
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Holistic Life coach

Lily Parkinson

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