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Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Mind-Body Coach
Lily Parkinson - Nutritional Therapist

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As a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist DipCNM, Lily works with clients using a functional medicine approach integrating both nutritional science, lifestyle and wellbeing tools. Lily is also a holistic & intuitive life coach using NLP ,CBT, breath-work, EFT and meditation

My journey with nutrition and wellbeing began after spending several years with anorexia, bulimia, compulsive over eating, depression and anxiety. The stress this caused on my physical and emotional wellbeing was so significant and debilitating to the point that I was critically ill and in a life threatening situation. This experience, along with the long healing journey I have been on and continue to follow today has shaped and formed my ability to work with clients and encourage and help others on their own physical, emotional and spiritual healing journeys.

During my healing journey, I found that allopathic medicines and mainstream therapies were just a tool to manage various symptoms and ended up making me more sick due to various side effects. Feeling failed by the system, I decided to take control of my own healing journey and this began with turning to natural foods, holistic medicine and alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy, acupunture and herbalism to help me transform my emotional and physical health and wellbeing. With patience and care, slowly I began to find balance with my relationship with food and my body and my anxiety and depression faded away.

I found that integrating and combining multitude of different naturopathic, holistic and simple lifestyle tools provided the catalyst for this journey and I began to to find joy, peace and freedom in my life that I didn’t know were possible.

I have experienced and I know to be true, that healing comes through the combination of physical, emotional and spiritual self-development. Alongside nutrition, yoga, singing, meditation and emerging myself in nature have been my saving grace’s. Everyday I want to share my knowledge and help people transform their health and their lives so that they can also live with joy and freedom and follow their soul calling.

‘Umiani’ is the name given to me by my South American indigenous teachers that I visit regularly in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. It represents growth and transformation, which is what I believe everybody is capable of experiencing and it it my calling and my gift to be able to help facilitate.

A word from Lily’s patients


“Lily has given me the tools to nurture my body back to health and helped me create a healthy relationship with the food my body needs. I feel fantastic!”

DNA testing made so much sense to me that all our family are now being tested. Imagine being told your genetic strengths and weaknesses so that you are able to manage your health and improve your overall performance. The DNA report provided is incredibly detailed and is delivered via an easy to use phone app which makes nutritional recommendations readily available”

“Thank you for all your help and support – the web chats have been very helpful and your no-nonsense, realistic advice on food and meal plans have been invaluable. You are a star!”


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