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Have you plateaued in your training?

Have you always had recurrent niggling issues?

Are you looking to optimise the way you move?

Biomechanical Assessment

We are now offering the opportunity to have a full functional biomechanical assessment here at the Formula Health clinic.

The aims of the assessment are to further explore the movement requirements of your body in an isolated and in a global capacity.
There will also be a general assessment of the major joints within the body, including the shoulder, hip, knee and spine individually, moving towards a functional movement analysis.

This can be repeated over time to objectively monitor improvement, with a tailored assessment afterwards that’s more specific to the needs of your physical ideals and health and fitness goals.

These are best suited to individuals who are looking to get more out of their training or physical needs. Whether that is from a sporting perspective or just to learn more about your body and optimise the way you move, structure your training or to provide more insight in how to proactively rehabilitate or prevent injury where possible.

What To Expect

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Within our clinic we have a range of Osteopathic clinicians that are on hand to help.

Your first appointment will be an hour and a half and involves an assessment of your general health, medical history and a physical examination. The Osteopath will use their hands to find areas of weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain within your body, particularly the spine. With your consent, you will probably need to remove some clothing from the area being examined, and you may be asked to perform simple movements. Your osteopath will also check for signs of serious conditions they cannot treat and may advise you to see your GP or go to hospital. They should provide you with a letter explaining what they believe to be the problem.

Your follow up osteopath appointments will be 1 hour.

Feel free to bring your own towels with you for use on the treatment couch during the session.

You may also wish to bring shorts or other loose-fitting clothing that you can move freely in to facilitate your assessment and treatment.

Osteopathy can treat a variety of issues, including the below:

• Lower back pain
• Back ache
• Neck & shoulder pain
• Upper back pain
• Sciatica
• Sports injuries
• Other injuries (e.g. tennis elbow)
• Nerve compressions such as sciatica
• Muscular aches or pains
• Muscle and ligament strains
• Headaches and migraines
• Circulatory problems
• Occupational injuries (e.g. postural injuries)
• Digestive problems
• Joint pains or stiffness – e.g. arthritis in hands, hips and knees

Biomechanical Assessments

This service is provided by

Tom Sparks Strength & Conditioning Osteo
Osteopath, Nutritional Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tom Sparks


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