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Reflexology is an effective, non-invasive form of complementary therapy that helps to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium, prevent ill-health and encourage healing after illness, stress, injury or disease. It seeks to achieve this by applying pressure to specific points, also known as reflexes, on the hands and feet. The therapy is based on the ancient Chinese principle of the theory of the existence of an essential life energy (qi) that flows along invincible channels or energy pathways whose main purpose is to nourish both a person’s body and his spirit.


What to expect

Our reflexologist offers a variety of treatment sessions in the clinic including foot, facial, pregnancy and aroma reflexology.

Reflexology is typically done on the soles, tops and sides of your feet, but can and does get used on the hands and face. The reflexologist uses the thumb and fingers to work the feet. Your feet and hands represent your body, and the reflexologist works the feet or hands to bring about homeostasis and relaxation.

As such, your reflexologist may need to access your feet so you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks.

Facial reflexology is particularly popular recently, because it essentially boasts all the benefits of cosmetic surgery without the price point or permanence.

Feel free to bring your own towels with you for use on the treatment couch during the session.

Reflexology can deliver a variety of benefits including the below:

• Relaxation
• Improvement of your sleep patterns
• Improve mood (combat anxiety)


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