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Reflexologist and Homeopath specialising in Women’s Health
Becca Scott Reflexologist Homeopath

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Becca has been a Homeopath for over 14 years and a Reflexologist for 22 years. Becca has a special interest in Women’s Health especially related to hormone, autoimmune and vulva-vaginal issues. She loves what she does and is passionate about supporting people back to health using a unique tailored approach. Becca regularly runs Positive Menopause workshops and retreats where she shares evidence based solutions to menopause symptoms alongside or instead of HRT.

In a previous life I worked in the corporate world in London, which I found incredibly stressful. To help with this stress and the resultant digestive problems I saw a reflexologist provided through Occupational Health. I thought it was wonderful and so went on to do a year’s reflexology practitioner training accredited course by the Association of Reflexologists.

I discovered Homeopathy to help me recover emotionally after the birth of my first child. I prefer to explore complementary therapy options before seeking conventional medicine. So, when my son developed eczema as a very young baby, he also saw the homeopath and I was amazed at the very quick transformation in his skin after a couple of remedies. The more I used homeopathy for his baby ailments, the more I was hooked. I then did a ‘homeopathy at home’ course with my homeopath and quickly enrolled on a 4-year BSc Homeopathy degree at Thames Valley University qualifying in 2009. I am registered with the Society of Homeopaths.

I especially love working with couples with fertility issues, following on through their pregnancies and supporting the whole family’s health.  I have had additional training in fertility and pregnancy Reflexology and Homeopathy as well as Facial Reflexology.  I also have experience working with people with symptoms of hayfeverfibromyalgiachronic fatigueneuropathymenopausedigestive and skin complaintsmenstrual problemsstressback and neck problems to name but a few.

As an Aroma-reflexologist I also use essential oils in my reflexology treatments to offer a luxurious, calming and balancing session tailored to my client’s individual needs. I love expanding my knowledge and regularly attend Continuous Practitioner Development courses.

Why Becca studied Facial Reflexology…

One morning in early pregnancy, I woke up and one side of my face was frozen. I couldn’t close my eye and had a lopsided smile. The GP diagnosed Bells Palsy, saying my face would droop, and there was nothing that could be done. It would probably resolve after pregnancy but there were no guarantees.  I took homeopathic remedies and had a couple of sessions of facial reflexology. As well as being deeply relaxing, my face did not droop and within a couple of weeks my face unfroze and I got full movement back.

I was delighted to train with Ziggie Bergman, the award winning facial reflexologist who developed her training over the past 20 years to develop a combination of traditional reflexology methods and ancient healing techniques.

Becca works in a multi-faceted way, using homeopathy, reflexology (face and feet) with essential oils, Flower Essences and Homeobotanicals; tailored to your own unique needs; to get you back to good health as quickly and gently as possible.

Facial Reflexology combines all of the therapeutic benefits of a holistic therapy with a touch of beautifying luxury!

When you work with Becca you will look and feel your best.

Becca is a mum and step mum to four teenage boys, and a joyous 4 yr old. Life is busy but incredibly rewarding!

Nominee of Community Reflexologist of the Year 2023, The State of Birth Awards

Member of Everything Baby Berkshire

I am delighted to return to the Formula Health team. I offer a free 15-minute discover calls to discuss how I can support you.

A word from Becca’s patients


‘I’ve been having reflexology for the past 13 years…and seen over 30 different therapists over the years and Becca, is by far the most talented, skilled, professional and gifted Reflexologist bar none. Becca is one of a kind and in the years that I’ve had Reflexology, her treatments are by far the very best and Becca strikes me as an expert in her field’

TH, Jan 2019

‘Within days of taking the medicine I began to sleep better and feel better generally’.

CB, 2021

‘Becca is open and engaging, honest and very knowledgeable and most importantly I believed my husband would relate to her and be willing to go along for treatment too, in our eyes, this needed to be a joint approach.

3 months after starting to see Becca and 4 days before we were due to start our first round of IVF, we discovered I was pregnant’

KJ, 2020


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