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Mental Health & Nutrigenetics

6th April 2022 by Gemma Fisher

Mental health is imperative to our overall health and wellbeing. Our physical health can play a large impact on our mental health and also our mental health can affect our choices, our experiences which can affect our physical health.

Many studies exist linking environment and diet and past experiences with mental health but there is a large collection of studies that also link the biological and chemical changes and expressions to genetics.

Keep siping to find out more about how genetics and mental health are interlinked!

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Want to learn more about Nutrigenetic screening?

Read more about the benefits of Nutrigenetic analysis and the wide range of health insights you can gain by visiting the DNA service page on our website where you can download a free information brochure and learn about the 1-to-1 Nutritional Therapist support packages that we offer alongside our test kits.

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