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Metabolic Analysis accurately calculates a person’s resting metabolic rate.  This is the number of calories a person burns at rest for 24 hours.  This indicates an individual’s maintenance caloric needs. When your body burns food for fuel, it requires oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. The device measures the amount of oxygen consumed at rest, and using that measurement, can calculate the calories burned for 24 hour a period. Depending on the resting metabolic rate, physicians can determine the optimal daily caloric intake needed to achieve gradual long-term weight loss. Periodic measurement of metabolic rate can also be used to assess the patient’s response to surgery, medications, or dietary changes.

What to expect

Resting Metabolic Rate Test: During the resting test you simple breath into the PNOE device for 10 minutes. The machine to analyzes your breathing and reports total calorie burn and fuel utilization data (fats or carbs).

Active Metabolism Test: The active metabolism test is an exercise test to determine calorie burn, lung health and cardiovascular function. It requires the Naturopathic Doctor to challenge your aerobic fitness on an exercise bike or treadmill over a period of 15 minutes. After a 3 minute warm up difficulty is increased by a set amount each minute until exhaustion. Please wear exercise gear and expect a short workout. During the test the machine analyzes your oxygen consumed per breath, how efficient you clear CO2 and how your body responds to exercise. The data obtained helps the Naturopathic Doctor properly program your exercise plan.

The test is followed by a 2 minute cool down and a review of results.

What can Metabolic analysis help with?

•Precision weight loss – building exercise plans, training for fat loss, avoiding burning, diagnosis the cause of a plateau
•Chronic fatigue – mitochondrial health
•Cardiovascular disease – VO2 max, aerobic fitness, tissue oxygenation
•Respiratory disease – ventilation exchange ratio, breathing frequency, O2 volume, VO2 max
•Post concussion syndrome – mitochondrial health, posture, breathing efficiency
•Cancer therapy – metabolic efficiency, weight loss
•Metabolic disease/Diabetes – weight loss, building an effective exercise plan for glucose control
•High Performance Athletes – event prep, training schedules, live training

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