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Sam Bishop

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A decade of experience in psychology, psychotherapy and enhancing performance and 8 years experience of supporting professional athletes, predominately footballers and rugby players, has given exposure to high pressured environments, that demands elite performance from both the individual and teams.

This experience has led to an approach that is now working within the corporate world, coaching and developing individuals and teams, supporting them to deliver and achieve, their business and personal goals.

I enjoy supporting individuals and teams that have become stuck or ‘blocked’ by a situation or belief that is either holding them back from progressing or performing at their full potential.

I also continue to enjoy the challenge of supporting clients that may feel lost or unsure as to what their goals are. I am interested by this confusion, and know my approach can support the client gain the clarity they need to make decisions about the direction they want to take.

I am different to other coaches due to my background and experience. My coaching approach is developed out of psychology, psychotherapy and performance experience. My approach contains a core set of skills that means I engage individuals and teams in a dynamic and curious way, ensuring I ask pertinent questions, which leads to reflection on many levels.

In my professional life I am an Executive Coach, an Accredited Psychotherapist, a Consultative Supervisor and a University Lecturer. I work with business owners, C-Suite executives and professional athletes. In my personal life, I am a sports loving individual with a great interest in people, how we behave, think, act and relate to each other.

My degree is in Psychology and my Masters Degree is in Psychotherapy. I am accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and hold a global client case load, supporting clients in the UK, America, Australia and Asia.

My passion is people and I thrive in working environments where I am able to facilitate self-growth and help individuals identify and overcome their challenges. I get my kicks by giving people the tools to be able to help themselves, so they can then fulfill their own potential.

Sam’s skillset will also form a key part of the Formula Health Corporate Human Performance Packages which can be designed and modified to meet the exact needs of your workforce.

A word from Sam’s clients


Sam was easy to contact and I felt he understood me straight away. He is direct and .supportive, which creates a space where I can speak openly. My sessions with Sam have been thought provoking, challenging and rewarding. His approach has definitely improved both my personal life and professional performance.

Guy Thompson
Professional Rugby Player

You gave me the freedom to shape my thinking and focus on the key issues and threats to my business, it was a huge relief. They say for Captain’s at sea there is the ‘Loneliness of Command’, well that works on land too. The way you enabled me to map this all out in 90 minutes was truly impressive. I cannot recommend strongly enough how important it is to have taken this first step and I am looking forward to working with you in the future.

Director and Business Owner


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