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Katie Ferries

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Katie brings 10 years of Pilates mat practice to FH. She knows first-hand the benefits of Pilates and is passionate about the exercise method. On getting to know her clients, she likes to tailor sessions to what they need with an emphasis on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. She is living a happier, healthier and more balanced life as a result of practising Pilates.

Until my mid-thirties I lived and worked in London with Yoga as my go to exercise. Ten years ago, I moved to Pangbourne, discovered Pilates and have never looked back!

Having practised Pilates for 10 years and been teaching for the last two years, I know first-hand the benefits Pilates can give, from its rehabilitating effects on individuals with sports injuries, to improving the general well-being of people of all ages.  Once I decided to take the plunge and become a Pilates instructor, I found it an all-consuming passion!  I am a level 3 mat Pilates teacher, and am also qualified in Reformer/Bench and Wunda Chair.  I have completed workshops in Buff Bones (an entire system for bone and joint health) and PureStretch. I currently (Covid permitting) run community Pilates classes locally and I am a Pilates instructor at the Bradfield Sports complex. 

I practice contemporary Pilates, respecting the principles of the classic method whilst introducing variations to keep it interesting! I am a firm believer that Pilates should be a full body workout but that within that brief, clients may want to address specific areas of the body eg. shoulder mobility, hip opening, knee pain or other areas of stiffness or chronic pain. 

I have experience in teaching people of all ages and levels of ability, either on a one to one basis or in group classes. My first client was a lady with severe osteoporosis who volunteered to be my case study during my training and who is still my client today! I have since worked with a wide range of people with injuries as well as regular fitness clients, in single, small and large classes. My philosophy is to re-balance, strengthen, stretch and tone muscles, mobilise joints, strengthen the core and those deep stabilising muscles we tend to ignore, in order to re-build the strength that supports our bodies.  

I like to get to know my clients individually, inquiring about your injuries or illness and ensuring that you are able to exercise in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.  When planning sessions, I take into consideration who is coming and what I know about them so that, even with multiple clients, the classes are tailored to take each person into account.  

I am rewarded by seeing the improvements in my clients and hoping that they join me in a personal journey with Pilates towards better health, being physically rejuvenated and mentally uplifted, feeling taller, stronger, leaner and able to breathe and move more easily!  

Personally, Pilates provides me with physical and mental strength and precision to execute the moves with the flexibility I need to take me into old age. It has helped me achieve a stronger, toned and more flexible body.  Pilates is now a way of life for me, continuously strengthening my body and helping to prevent any injuries. Even my Husband is on board and reaping the rewards!

Attending classes is about making connections, with your mind, body and each other.  Whatever you hope to gain from Pilates – be it weight loss, recovery from an injury or if you simply want to have fun and feel better, I look forward to sharing my passion and enthusiasm with you! 

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