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Complementary Therapy

Laura Swiatek

Reflexologist and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner
Laura Swiatec

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Laura has a passion for wellness, and bringing new ideas and treatment suggestions to the table. She deals with people in a kind, compassionate and understanding manner and endeavours to bring this level of care to her practice. She specialises in Five Elements Reflexology, and with her holistic approach also incorporates Facial Reflexology and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage.

For many years, I had heard of the incredible benefits that Reflexology could bring and the inexplicable sense of calm it could instil. However, it was whilst my father was living with terminal cancer, that I witnessed the true power of this gentle, yet powerful treatment. After months of sleepless nights, Reflexology was the reason he could finally sleep soundly. Several years later, it was whilst completing my MSc dissertation on the long-term effects of trauma and distress, that I realised my passion lay far from the corporate environment I worked in. I felt there was a greater impact I could make personally on people’s lives and here is where my passion for Reflexology ignited.

I graduated from the prestigious London School of Reflexology, based in Regents Park University, and was taught by renowned Reflexologist Louise Keet, labelled by press as ‘‘Britain’s leading Reflexology Practitioner’. My chosen focus of Five Elements Reflexology is a very special technique of adapting and transforming Traditional Chinese Medicine to make it more appropriate for Western patients. Uniquely, traditional reflexology is performed whilst incorporating TCM acupressure points.

In addition, the luxurious facial reflexology treatments I offer incorporate the use of quartz crystal tools and Gua Sha techniques to provide a rejuvenating and glowing result. My third key focus of Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD) is an award-winning technique focusing on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet. I provide an all-encompassing approach, including thorough aftercare advice and practical suggestions that you can take home, if you wish, to implement into your daily life.

I am a member of the Association of Reflexologists and hold my knowledge and practice to consistently high standards. In my spare time, I love to attend gigs, practice yoga and travel. I live in my recently renovated cottage with my two wonderful children, and two little dogs. My primary aim is to allow you to feel the best version of yourself and I will happily adapt treatments to suit your bespoke needs and requirements. Please contact me with any queries you have, and together we can enhance your wellness.

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