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Complementary Therapy

Lara Herbolzheimer


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Lara has spent over 10 years using kinesiology to work with clients requiring support with structural, digestive, autoimmune, chronic fatigue and mental health related conditions, particularly parents and young people

Lara Herbolzheimer has been practicing Systematic Kinesiology for over 10 years. She is passionate about supporting people in their recovery and helping each individual reach their true potential whatever their health challenge. She helps clients with the symptoms of a wide range of conditions from IBS, to back pain to depression.

She is especially interested in the connection between nutrition and mental health and how life experiences, mindset and environmental factors influence one’s holistic wellbeing.

A word from Lara’s patients


“Lara’s treatments have changed my life and I don’t say this lightly! She works across such a broad spectrum of modalities with such gentle care and ease, and has an intuitive ability to know what your body and soul needs. My sessions with Lara have been instrumental in healing deep wounds and have enabled me to understand my self and my body in beautiful, powerful ways.”

“I had been suffering from multiple health problems and had  reached desperation because nothing had helped. It is not an overstatement to say that having kinesiology with Lara changed my life. Having never tried it before I did not realise how many things it is effective for and I wished I had known about it years ago”

“I have found Lara’s treatments to be the most effective and efficient healing I have ever experienced and she has healed emotional trauma, neck injury, knee pain, digestive problems, sleep problems and post viral fatigue. Time and again multiple problems have had emotional root causes and her treatments have gone to the root of the problem in a way doctors and therapists were unable to”


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