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Mental Health First Aid Instructor


Katy Dickie

Katy provides MHFA courses on the dates below:



International HR and Wellbeing expert with 20 years experience of running global corporate welfare programmes

The NHS have estimated that 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year.  At any given time, 1 in 6 working-age adults have symptoms.  Mental illness is the largest single source of burden of disease in the UK. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) estimate that for an organisation with 1,000 employees, the cost of mental ill-health at work is £835,000 a year.  You may be wondering how much it is costing your company?

NICE also estimate that 30% of these costs can be saved with simple steps, and have recommended the introduction of Mental Health First Aiders to the workplace in addition to physical first aiders.  Did you know you are much more likely to encounter someone who needs suicide intervention than C.P.R?

When companies have Mental Health First Aiders, they are usually perceived as more approachable, because employees can confidentially discuss any concerns they have without the fear of any professional repercussions.  This means employees are more likely to deal with any mental health issues in the early stages. Early intervention benefits both the employee and the company.  In November 2017, The Lancet published a study from the University of New South Wales that found for every £1 that was spent on mental health at work, the return is £9.98

Katy is a Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and has more than twenty years’ HR experience in organisations of varying sizes.

Her most recent experience is as the global lead of an Employee Well-being programme for an international organisation.

She has experience of delivering HR and well-being training across the world and experience in Talent Management & Acquisition, Performance Management and Coaching.

Katy is a qualified Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructor with Mental Health First Aid England and will be co-delivering these 2-day courses at Formula Health on various dates.

Katy’s skillset will also form a key part of the Formula Health Corporate Human Performance Packages which can be designed and modified to meet the exact needs of your workforce.


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