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Celebrating another year pursuing a paradigm shift in the modern approach to Health & Human Performance ?

14th December 2020 by Gemma Fisher

Celebrating another year pursuing a paradigm shift in the modern approach to Health & Human Performance

Having now spent over 8 years working in Elite motorsport and embedding corporate health and human performance strategies in F1 teams, today we’re celebrating two years since Formula Health Consultancy Ltd was officially born!

Conceived as an illegitimate child between an unmarried parallel world where in western medicine, health seemed to be accepted as anything that is not in a disease state and Formula One where the teams will stop at nothing to achieve perfection in every aspect of their performance.

The unusual pairing resulted in the birthing of the concept of Formula Health.

Based on my unique experience of working as part of a team, extracting milliseconds on the racetrack from a comprehensive understanding of the interaction of an array of complex systems. Much like an interdisciplinary mindset of healthcare professionals working with the human body to achieve a common goal!

The idea has grown organically into the opening of our centre of integrated medicine in Berkshire, making this forward thinking approach to fitness and preventative healthcare accessible to all.

The current medical model in Western society is very much occupied in its own race. So our vision at Formula Health is to influence a paradigm shift in modern medicine to encourage people to protect and enhance their health and wellbeing in order to live more fulfilling lives.

Our mission to achieve this is by treating the whole body and mind, by being preventative and educating, providing the latest in medical technology from elite sport alongside established and holistic based practice, in turn resulting in the most comprehensive approach to individual healthcare.

After a particularly traumatic birth and

despite Covid-19 trying its hardest to make the toddler years since the clinic (first launched in 2019) live up to a reputation of Terrible Two’s…the centre in Pangbourne has thrived in its determination to deliver the highest quality in advanced integrated healthcare to our clients near and far.

We strive to pave the way to a more joined up approach to tackling our barriers to sustainable health and fitness, to continue to employ the groundbreaking medical technology that we are fortunate to have exposure to, whilst entwining the vast experience of the most effective ancient healthcare systems in the world.

We’re confident that this inclusive theorem will provide a stable upbringing for a powerful, informed model of integrated medicine, that will be self-led and empowering for all that follow this track, delivering life-changing results.

Ever grateful to all those that have been part of the ride so far and we’re excited to mould our own future for many more years to come ?


Award-winning multidisciplinary medical practice founded by the first Human Performance Consultant Osteopath in Formula 1.

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