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Nutrigenetics DNA test & Nutrition consultation

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Our DNA and epigenetics play a large role in how our bodies function. The way a gene is expressed can mean people are more or less susceptible to certain conditions, symptoms or 'dis-ease'. When correctly identified, nutrition can be used effectively to help us reduce our risk to these predispositions or even modify a genes expression entirely.

Using nutrigenetic screening you can finally gain clarity on your health and the power to make a difference to how you feel!

Combining the DNA testing alongside a nutritional therapy consultation can help identify any imbalance or areas needing support and preventative medicine and inform a nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocol.

Nutritional therapy isn't just about 'healthy eating' or a new diet to follow, it's about working with you and your individual body to restore its natural balance so you can start to feel energised, stronger and happier!

DNA Reports

Your genes are unique and your approach to nutrition, exercise and movement should be too. Our DNA Health profile reports on 5 core health areas:

• Physical – Uncover your genetic muscle power, anaerobic threshold and many more reports based on your physiology.

• Diet – Get to know, among other things, how your body responds to carbohydrates and what your metabolic rate really is.

• Vitamins – It could be critical to know if you are genetically predisposed to a deficiency to certain vitamins and minerals; now you can find out!

• Health – Are you at risk of obesity or Type 2 diabetes? Put into place interventions against genetic health risks.

• Psychology – Discover if you’re a Warrior or a Worrier with expert recommendations concerning how you could deal with certain situations.

Health Insights

Delving further into your genetics, we delivers deep insights to help you with :

• Stress - Valuable insight into the relation of our genes and our ability to manage stress.

• Anti-Ageing – Providing recommendations to reduce the impact of certain age-related degeneration often associated with disease.

• Sleep management – Sleep allows the repair of bone, skin and muscles and is responsible for the correct functioning of the immune system, understanding this key aspect of life is crucial to good health.

• Injury Prevention – Help minimise the risk of injury.

• Mental Health – Reports on genetic variants that play a part in psychological health and cognitive performance.

• Gut Health – A healthy gut is the base of wellness.

• Muscle Health – Understanding how your muscle fibres respond to exercise can enable you to get the most out of your training and enhance recovery.

• Eye Health – How well do you process the nutrients needed for good eye health?

• Skin Health - Your skin could be genetically predisposed to certain health risks

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